Peter van der Wel

I love the future. And I want to help you to make your future, our future, a better future for us all.

Nobody can predict the future, even a futurist can not. But I can help you to get a better vision of your possible future. And such a vision helps you to be better prepared for the unknown and to create the future you want.

Why would you be interested in the future? Of course, because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life. But also because you can not change the past, but you can change the future.

  • Futurist and economist. Professional speaker, author, coach and consultant.
  • Forecasts, trends and Ideas about the future.
  • Confidential advisor


For over 30 years, Peter van der Wel, as an economist and futurist, delivers keynotes, lectures, presentations, publications and books about the future.

Using very visual presentations Peter takes his audience with him on a journey through time from the past to the future. He shows how the world around us is changing ever faster, because information is continuously transmitted faster, cheaper and more easily throughout the world. What impact will that have on people, organizations and society? Are we on a course towards a paradise on earth with wealth and prosperity for all of us, or do we end up in a vortex of environmental disasters, wars, epidemics, terrorist attacks, scarcity, hunger and other woes?

What will this mean for each of us individually? For your organization? For the world? What can we do to get to that paradise on earth?

The blind spot – part 1 – solar energy

The blind spot – part 2 – self driving cars


As an author Peter published several books, including “Internet Democracy” (1997),”Internet and Municipalities” (1998), “Faster-Better-Cheaper-Easier-Happier” (2006),”Economics for a better World” (2010) “The future already started.” (2014), and recently “Impact: how to influence the future” (2017). Toekomstverkennen (2020) (all in Dutch)


Peter is a member of the Assocation of Professional Futurists (APF) and co-founder en former vice-president of the Dutch Future Society.


Read this interview and learn more about me and my speaking career.

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